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Creating Mosaics like Antonio Gaudí

We show to children the basic of ‘TRENCADIS’ the revolutionary technique invented by Antonio Gaudí which can be found all over Barcelona’s main monuments as La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Parque Güell, Sagrada Familia, La Torre Bellesguard, Palau Güell y la Colonia Güell and etc…

This children activity is going to take children to experience the Gaudi spirit where are no limits for their imagination and creativity in a relaxed and pleasure atmosphere, tutored of a artesan master.

Children will learn the basic of the technique, learn to handle tools, choose their design and work out in their first masterpiece of trencadis – mosaic: a coaster, elephant, rabbit, a mirror, a photo frame and other object. The “Gaudí Experience” will be an unforgettable, special and unique to Children.

Classes of Trencadis mosaic for children from 1 hour, 2,3….hours

Opening hours for classes:

Monday to Friday: 10.00am to 7.00pm (latest class at 5.00pm);
Saturday from 10.00 am to 2.00pm (latest class at 12.00).
You can visit us at any time during the opening hours. Sunday is only available on request.

The standard time is two hours:
2 hours/person: 40€, all material included (all materials tiffany glass, objects like photo frame, heart, elephant, top of a box, cat, dog. are included).
1 hour/person: 20€ (coaster)

We offer special prices for groups.

You can do the reservation in our website:

Please take in consideration that after you finished your artwork, the Mosaiccos team have to apply grouting.
If you come in the morning you can pick up your artwork inthe evening;
If you come in the afternoon, you can pick up the artwork next day.